One of the Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers mentions bumping into Steve Sergeant and a friend at a resort along the trail:

When I was checking out the bath-house I met WildeGeek and Patty who had just finshed a section of the trail including Whitney. WildeGeek produces a podcast and blog about wilderness adventure at Go check it out – BlackHole and I will try to contribute something to it. They were very kind and generous people. Patty even commented on how I didn’t look so tired as some of the women on the trail that she has seen look (we have heard a couple dayhikers say similar things about some hikers on the trail – maybe we will figure out why the trail takes it’s toll externally so much on some hikers and not others). I thanked her for the compliment and thinking about all things girly said, “but your earrings remind me that I need to replace the ones I lost in the desert” – and without hesitation she took them off and gave them to me! Thank you Patty! Possibly the best trail magic yet.

I sent Steve an e-mail a couple weeks back asking if he had any big trips planned. This must’ve been one of ’em.