Tom Stienstra of that other newspaper which shall not be named recommends great places to take pictures. One I hadn’t thought of:

3. Hidden Beach, Angel Island

The best view for photos at Angel Island is not from the summit, Martin says, but from the secluded beach below the Camp Reynolds barracks. This gorgeous cove provides a beach lookout to the south of the San Francisco waterfront, where, with a wide-angle lens, you can set up the shot so the framing extends from sand to water to dusk’s glow on the city’s waterfront. “Then turn to the right,” Martin says, “and you’ll see the glow on the Golden Gate Bridge.” To capture the magic of dusk here means camping; several hike-to campsites are located near this spot at Camp Reynolds. (415) 435-1915,

The terrain on Angel Island might seem too easy for all us He-Man Hikers of the Bay Area, but the scenery is among the best the area has to offer. My Angel Island hikes are here.

Link via Dan Mitchell.