Many are the men, apparently, who think they can keep pace with Catrahere’s the blog of the guy hiking with her at the moment. They’re at Kennedy Meadows all day today if you want to bop up there and say hi. The guy’s a Brit — what is it with the Euro-guys? — here’s a recent update (he was there for Catra’s famous flash o’ flesh):

I didn’t properly explain the moon in the previous pic. at Casa de luna It is customary to be Mooned As you have your picture taken. yesterday was quite tough. a long dry day. i pumped water from a Guzzler which looked reasonable but tasted ok after filtering with stupid water filter from Msr. the last 7 Miles were no fun and famous for it. the PCT had to deal with a reluctant land owner so the route ended up designed by lawyers to inconvenience hikers. very glad to make it to the hiker town hostel. the photo shows where we are going next. across the desert basin towards the sierras. next water is 16 Miles. we leave at noon. what is that expression about mad dogs and englishmen?

OK, so the desert saps one’s urge to capitalizie and write in complete sentences. I’m down with that. Somewhere in the UK, a brutal tinpot dictator of a teacher immortalized in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is scandalized.