reports on a trip to a gun-safety course taught in Washington state.

There is nothing though like taking classes to learn safety, to gain confidence handling them and realize that going to the range can be a fun activity. And to realize that the knowledge you gain brings you safety. Gun safety involving you, your children and your house whether or not you choose to own firearms is something every person needs.

Especially so if you have children. If you have children, it isn’t a choice: You HAVE to teach the children gun safety-and not just “guns are scary”. You need to know how to educate them that guns are tools, and to demystify the allure of guns to kids. As with most things in life, giving you children true knowledge allows them to make better choices. One of the best things you can do is have your kids take a class aimed at children and gun safety. Many gun ranges offer classes for youth that are taught by NRA instructors. The National Rifle Association also carries a lengthy list of supplies for educating children and older kids.

Sorry if the mention of firearms gets your hackles up. I wouldn’t say I’m ambivalent on the issue of guns, but I am deeply ambivalent on the issue on getting into debates about them. I’ve never seen one in which somebody’s mind was changed.

I read somewhere that learning to use firearms safely and properly should be on everybody’s lifetime to-do list. I’ll get right on that.