OK, so all my hard work of the last 20 months (OK, goofing off, but still…) has earned me an audience of about 200 people a day who actually visit my site and wonder when I’m going to get to the point.

OK, I’m getting there.

A useful Web site about hiking should answer a few basic questions: where should I go, what should I take, and what’ll I see when I get there? An occasionally diverting blog about hiking would link to cool stuff when one gets the urge, link to other people’s blogs to get them interested in one’s own, and talk about gear when there’s nothing better to talk about. Mostly, this site has been the latter. But really, it needs to be the former.

When I started Two-Heel Drive, I had tons of experience blogging, but not very much experience actually hiking. Now I feel like I’ve got enough experience to write with a smidgen of authority on one subject: where to hike in Northern California, specifically in the Bay Area. Actually, I’ve only hiked a small fraction of the trails around here, so I’ve got lots to work with.

So from here on in I’m going to focus on places to go in the Bay Area and stuff I think might interest folks who hike around here. People around here seem to have lots of money and love to go on expensive hiking vacations, so perhaps I’ll take a look at some of those.

I probably won’t have as many daily updates, but the weekly hike write-ups will continue.

This is gonna be great fun, I promise!