Mostly because Northern California has more trails than it knows what to do with. Marin County alone has over 500 miles of hiking trails and I’ve trod perhaps a dozen, so the field is wide open.

I started Two-Heel Drive in October 2005 with a vague idea of linking to whatever cool hiking-related content I came across, but I always knew it would make far more sense to have a regional blog answering the local hiker’s most basic questions: 1) Where to go; 2) What to take; 3) What to expect upon arrival.

See, I do the sensible thing only after all other options have been exhausted.

So this is my idea for how the refocused site will shape up. First, I’ll create list of Bay Area hiking links — to park districts, to weather reports, to other hikers’ sites (I’ll make a celebrity out of Fedak whether he likes it or not). Then I’ll track down discussion areas and hiking clubs. And I’ll start poking around for links to local hikes from larger trail-database sites. I’ll probably keep posting excerpts from Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers’ journals for the fun of it.

As always, suggestions for hikes/coverage/keeping non-hiking significant others happy are welcome.

Now I have to get busy with this thing.