Do flash mobs even exist anymore? Anyway… I thought it’d be interesting to post a link to one of the local hikes listed on A group based in Mountain View called “Let’s hike and maybe take a break if we get tired” has over a thousand members. This group has a hike from Palomarin to Ocean Lake planned Saturday already has 50 people signed up (the organizer has, thoughtfully enough, closed it off to further RSVPs).

Any thoughts on taking out a group this large? Not my cup of tea, though I like the idea that it would drive the creator of Bay Area Linkup crazy (BA Linkup hike discussions inevitably turn to the antics of its CEO, invariably described as a mad genius/control freak who must be tolerated because his site is so cool because it has so many rules mandating proper behavior — something the Church Lady might create if she were into building databases. It would be mad fun to create a club whose sole purpose is crashing BA Linkup events).

Of course the storied Intrepid Northern California Hikers have solved the problem of what to do with a really large hiking group: if the guy on the trail next to you starts in with an annoying recantation of the microchip he built last week, you just walk faster. After 11 years, only the “just walk faster” part survives.

(By now you’re probably getting a sense of why I usually end up hiking by myself).