Tom Spaulding of Sacramento has a bunch of intriguing posts at his blog, which combines hike write-ups and descriptions of local oddities — mainly goofy signs and obsolete roadside attractions. The most recent post describes a hike to Alamere Falls, one of the prettiest sights on the Pacific Coast at this time of year.

Ocean Lake Loop soon merged onto Coast Trail, and I saw two backpackers coming along that trail, the first people I saw that day. I rounded a bend and got my first view of the ocean that day, with the Farallon Islands visible in the distance. While my forecast had been for partly sunny skies, it had been sunny all day, with just a few clouds beginning to form over the ocean at that point. It was the most blue I have seen the skies at Point Reyes, and I really wish I had chosen a hike with more open views of the dramatic coastline.

I often walk up to strangers in the most spectacular settings and say “sorry we couldn’t provide a better view.” They usually smile. (This almost never happened back when I lived in Peoria.)