Sex in a Tent

Michelle Waitzman wants all nookie-loving hikers to know her new book, “Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature,” will be released on Oct. 15.

CORRECTION: She’ll be at the Marmot Mountain Works store at 3049 Adeline St. in Berkeley 5-7 pm Nov. 13 to meet, greet and sign books. (She won’t be at the REI stores as originally planned).

From the publisher’s page:

Like an outdoor guide with her own special territory, Michelle has years of experience “playing the field” in the backcountry, and this book is full of her tricks. Showing you the best positions for campers (the tent tango), to recipes for a romantic meal in a Ziploc bag, to how to look and feel sexy when you’re wearing grimy zip-off hiking shorts and haven’t bathed in days (hint: zip ’em off and go skinny-dipping), she inspires you to leave behind the boring bed sheets and crawl into a tantalizing tent.

For those who don’t fancy a boink in the backcountry, this book covers other types of outdoor adventures for inspired coupling, such as paddling to your own fantasy island, making car camping the ultimate drive-in, or turning the woods into your outdoor bedroom.

Michelle’s blog is here. Awhile back she supplied these tips to the good guys at Men’s Health magazine:

1. Get away. Go off the beaten path to make sure you’re at least somewhat isolated. Getting vocal while getting it on might not go over too well in the middle of a family campground.

2. Keep it simple. Movements should be small and controlled. “This is not the time to try out the entire Kama Sutra, because those walls are closer than you think,” says Waitzman.

3. Use a condom. This isn’t a safe sex lecture. Even if you don’t normally wear protection, it can make clean-up – of yourselves and the tent – that much easier.

4. Bag it up. If you’re shopping for sleeping bags as a couple, invest in a pair designed to zip together. “It gives you added warmth and the convenience of being able to actually touch each other under the covers,” says Waitzman.

5. Be obvious. If you want to get laid under the stars, flirt under the sun. Waitzman advises “a little wink-wink behavior during the day to get everybody on the same page.” She says many people don’t even consider sex in the tent, mainly because they’ve never tried it.

…. well, it would be something to do while I’m not getting any sleep.