I’ve plucked Huddart Park in San Mateo County from the many fine suggestions that arrived yesterday. What’s next: hiking there this Sunday and perhaps the one after that. Naturally, bahiker.com has Huddart covered. Jane Huber compares it to nearby Wunderlich County Park:

Both are situated on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and feature slopes forested with madrone, Douglas fir, live oaks, and redwood. At each park a hiker can trek from trailheads all the way up to Skyline Boulevard. But there the similarities end. Wunderlich is the shy, reserved sister, while Huddart is the party girl. Wunderlich has no real facilities beyond a parking lot and portable toilet, while Huddart is crammed with picnic areas, a day camp, a group camp, and an archery range. Wunderlich is a quiet park where you may encounter few other hikers, while Huddart is always busy with people. Wunderlich is carefully maintained and respectfully used, while parts of Huddart are maligned with shortcuts, garbage, and overused trails. I suggest that you use Huddart for weekend group hikes and boisterous outdoor get togethers, while reserving Wunderlich for solo or small group hiking (or visit Huddart on a weekday).

Someplace to take your boisterous Boy Scouts, for sure.

I haven’t hiked Huddart yet, but I’m guessing the noise and crowds fade after you get a few miles deep into the park. A preliminary park profile:

Acres: 973

Miles of trails: 24-plus

Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. April-August. See this page for closing times the rest of the year.

Parking: $5

Limitations: No dogs or other pets. More regs here.

On the Web:

Driving directions: From I-280 in San Mateo County, take the Woodside Road exit (California Highway 84). Go west through town of Woodside for about 1.5 miles, then go right on Kings Mountain Road. Go about 2 miles to the park entrance on the right. Here’s a Google map:

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