In case you missed it on KRON4 over the weekend, Doug McConnell’s “Bay Area Backroads” profiles the history of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. You can watch the videos or read text of the highlights.

In a way, the GGNRA all started with the trees, and not just any trees, but the majestic Sequoia sempervirens, which is the coast redwood.

“This is a powerful place. This place has motivated people to the highest calling.” says Ranger Mia Monroe.

In the early 1900’s, a wealthy businessman named William Kent was inspired by a cathedral of towering trees, a babbling brook, and an early conservationist named John Muir. At great financial burden, Kent bought this land, and gave it to the public, preserving it forever.

Mia reflects that, “ William Kent saw the value of Muir Woods as not only an example of a primeval old growth redwood forest, but he also saw its importance as being very close to SF, to a growing urban area.”

Good stuff; watch the whole thing if you’ve got some time to kill between meetings (just don’t come crying to me when watching TV on company times shows up on your Permanent Record.)

In other news, I’m seeing that Doug’s driving a Nissan these days … times must be so tough for U.S. automakers that Jeep can’t afford product placement or sponsoring shows that do stuff that Jeeps are actually good for.

Doug’s blog at OpenRoad.TV has a bunch of cool ditties; check out the one-minute vacations.