camera bagTrailspotting reviews the Kata T-214, a way-cool sling bag for carrying your cameras into the woods. It’s built by a company that makes bags for the Israeli military and looks tough enough to intimidate a terrorist (and might well convert to Uzi-carrying duty; good luck getting through security at SFO). Another fan reviews it in even greater depth.

LowePro makes a few sling bags, too. None of these are precisely cheap at $80 to 40, but if you’re hauling $2,000 worth of lenses and camera bodies, it doesn’t make much sense to skimp on a case. Mind you these are SLR-and-lenses bags — definite overkill for the point-and-shoot-crowd though LowePro has some interesting choices for compacts). I have an old bag from Eagle Creek that has plenty of room for my Canon A710 plus a snack lunch.

More hard-core shutterbugs might like the integrated setup from Kinesis Gear (to lust after if nothing else). This is the kind of gear National Geographic shooters take on African safari. In a pinch they can stuff the bag into the jaws of an attacking lioness.

rotating packThe system that appeals most to my inner geek is the Rotation 360 pack, which rotates part of the camera bag from back to front in a snap. Watch the video to see how it works. Very clever. A steal at just $279.

Makes me think I might have to get a big camera to justify having one of these awesome packs.