Poking around at the BAHIKER.com discussion boards the other day yielded a couple interesting links:

  • North Bay Hikes: Rob Laddish built this site for his hiking group. Lots of pictures and hike write-ups from Marin, the coast and points northward. Bonus link: Condor close-ups on a page of pictures from a camp-out Pinnacles National Monument (scroll down about half way). The site runs a bit slow, but hey, if we wanted fast, we’d ride bikes.
  • Baychic’s Xanga page: One of our most frequent commenters of late, she’s been posting a link to her page with her posts, but there’s one catch: you have to sign up with Xanga to view it. Curiosity finally overcame my ingrained laziness so I became a Xanga member just to see what she’s been posting: as expected, it’s many of the sites we’ve been visiting in the past few months.
  • Hikin’ the Bay… but not quite like the Dharma Bums: Gotta like any blog with a Jack Kerouac reference in the title. It’s mostly hike write-ups and pictures of the kind we’ve become familiar with. The latest outing at Wildcat Canyon Regional Park looks most interesting.

Speaking of the BAHiker discussion board, I had never really noticed the Trip Reports section, which has bunches of dispatches from Two-Heel Drive regulars like Gambolin’ Man. For instance, you can check out Baychic’s Skyline-to-the-Sea adventure.