I regret to inform that I got no hiking done whatsoever over the weekend … I was too busy getting thrown by the HTML learning curve. Spent all day yesterday figuring out how to make a copy of my site work on my local computer so I wouldn’t have to appall everybody online with all my changes; then spent hours today doing what would’ve taken five minutes in Quark or InDesign. If you’ve never tried to hand-code a Web page, consider your life blessed.

But I did do a few constructive things: I created a navigation bar over there on the right, pointing to the most pertinent content here, and I created a static page of links to all my park profiles (there’s 26 so far, which works out to 76 suggested hikes. Might fill a book.) I also put my 10 Essentials for Happy Hiking one a single page for easy viewing.

After all this I’m going to need a break from the computer screen; I’ll be back on Wednesday.