The Wilderness Medical Society reports that snowboarders account for fully a quarter of all outdoor-related emergency room visits. Hikers come in at No. 3.

Nearly 26 percent of the injures were from snowboarding followed by sledding (11 percent); hiking (6 percent); mountain biking, personal watercraft, water skiing or tubing (4 percent); fishing (3 percent) and swimming (2 percent).

From his experience on ski patrols, “it makes perfect sense to me that snowboard injuries rank high,” said Dr. Paul Auerbach, of Stanford School of Medicine.

Odd, why mountain biking but no road biking?

Dr. Auerbach has an outdoor-health blog. If you’re feeling energetic, check out his environmental treatise (his style is tad dry but I don’t really care much about prose tendencies when I need my compound fracture reduced). Or if you’re the practical sort: Laceration repair.

WEBMD also cites the above study and lists several dead-obvious ways to avoid injuries (such as, if you go fast, wear a helmet).