One of my favorite rationalizations for maintaining Two-Heel Drive on wages a Kalahari Bushman would reject out of hand is that it encourages other hikers to get out there and come home and post accounts of their travels. I admit my blogging has fallen off a bit in recent weeks, but I’m glad to report that lots of local hiking web junkies are filling in the gaps. Let’s take a look at some recent links:

  • Cynthia Leeder tried the Rose Peak-and-back hike from Sunol Wilderness awhile back, and wisely turned back before taking on the whole 20 miles.
  • Fedak put in some Pacific Crest Trail miles south of Sonora Pass.
  • Climb_CA of GoBlog went backpacking in Yosemite.
  • Tom Clifton helped out on a Coyote Creek clean-up.
  • Gambolin’ Man saw many pretty watering holes in the Yuba country in the Sierra foothills.
  • Rick of Hike Half Dome writes about being bear wise.
  • Kevin Gong spent nine nights in the Colorado high country.
  • David of Random Curiosity muses about the PCT after seeing one of Barb Egbert’s talks about her PCT adventure with her 10-year-old daughter.
  • Randy L. got some great pictures at McCrary Ridge at Big Basin.
  • Steve at The WildeBeat posted part II of his series on recording the sounds of wilderness.
  • Stuart at Trailspotting hiked Mount Rose near Lake Tahoe.
  • Dana at Tree Huggers in Training took the kids to Redwood Regional Park.
  • shared tips for finding a backcountry campsite.
  • Weekend Sherpa mentions the swimming hole at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.
  • Winehiker Russ defends the mountain lion’s turf.

OK, so the three or four of you who are Two-Heel Drive regulars who didn’t create those posts should have plenty to keep you busy for awhile.