The webmistress of the Flirty ‘n’ Dirty blog generally runs trails vs. walking them, but she’s had a raft of nice trail descriptions of late. She was at one of my faves, Tomales Point at Point Reyes National Seashore, the other day, and had this to share, among other observations:

This is a pretty mellow trail– not a lot of up and down. The one thing I found completely irritating was the last mile or so of the trail out to the point was on sand. I do not like running on sand. I feel like I’m expending a ton of effort to go a very short distance. However, that’s not so much to complain about on such a brilliant run, because once we got to Tomales Point, the views all around were incredible. Two hikers told us they had just seen a seal eating an octopus, and the mouth of Tomales Bay, due to its warmer water temperature, is a major breeding ground for Great White Sharks. It’s possible (although we didn’t see any) to spot Great Whites from the point.

Wow, so “Jaws” could’ve been filmed there?

My Tomales adventures have been a bit less toothsome, though there were antlers aplenty.