Well, Google’s Adsense has finally pissed me off. The twits who think the world will end when people of the same gender marry have bought up blog space across the California blogosphere and their aggravating, misleading ads are showing up right where you’d expect: on non-partisan sites advocating such controversial topics as walking upright in nature. (A contradiction, given these people’s knuckle-dragging tendencies). Modern Hiker and Calipidder have had the same thing happen.

I know I count many good Christians among my readers who see walking in nature as celebrating what a great planet God gave us. I know some might take a dim view of same-sex marriage (I know too many perfectly decent folks of gay persuasion; I couldn’t look any of them in the eye and tell them I know better than they do about how their lives with their life partners should be structured. I’m married, why shouldn’t they be? That’s all I’ll say on the matter.) Sorry if my ranting on this bugs you or offends you. Well, I’m sorry you’re so easily offended. Ease up, OK?

I went went into my Google account and changed some settings that are supposed to filter out unwanted ads. It takes a couple hours for them to kick in, they say. Hopefully the filters will kick in soon.

It would violate Google’s policies for me to encourage you to click on these ads — even though it would be taking money from people I have no use for and giving it to, well, me. As much as I’d like to punish their pocketbooks, I don’t want their money.

I just want their ads off my blog — without having to take all the other ones off.

(Daily Kos tells how to remove yours if they show up there. More coverage at Valleywag.)