Bay Nature has a quick list of the major outdoors-related votes on today’s ballot. The Greenbelt Alliance thoughtfully instructs us on how to vote.

The biggest vote is for Measure WW, which will allow the East Bay Regional Park District to issue $500 million in bonds to upgrade current parks, buy land for new ones and protect/restore sensitive terrain. I’d vote for it if I lived in Alameda or Contra Costa counties, though I recognize many mountain bikers are urging its defeat to avenge the park district’s not-so-veiled contempt for mountain biking. I doubt there are enough MTB’ers to carry the day on this one, and I disagree about opposing good measures for the outdoors mostly out of spite, but I do sympathize with the MTB crowd’s main point: The East Bay Parks, for all their hundreds of miles of trails for hikers and equestrians, have done next to nothing for mountain bikes.

“Let ’em ride somewhere else” is not much of a mountain bike policy, and it just makes for more crowded parks everywhere else.