Posting the coolest links that have landed in my RSS feed. How long will I keep this up? Let’s see how well it works.

Hiking Lady logoHiking Lady swears by those shrink-wrapped backpacking dinners from Mountain House. Video clocks in at barely a minute. Concision appeals to my inner editor.

Meanderthals points to new book listing the 40 most scenic hikes in the Adirondack Mountains. Many may be surprised to learn the best parts of New York are several hundred miles from Wall Street.

Adventures at the climbing gym with Joe Miller of GetGoingNC. Proof that 50-something white guys can still mix it up (minus that whole falling off a cliff thing, which worries our wives).

Adventure Blog: Ultrarunner Sets New Record Across Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Great summer for racing through the woods, given Jenn Pharr Davis’s speed record on the AT.

Geargals checks out the Mountain Hardwear Epic Glove. Is it odd to speak publicly about the size of one’s hands and fingers? Hmm…

Modern Hiker raves up the Silver Lake Stairway Walk. To figure out why people love Los Angeles, you gotta park the car and start walking.

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