EarlyLite reviews the Easton Mountain Product’s New Kilo 2P. Uh, Phil, the only way that’s a two-person tent is if one of the persons is a fetus. (Wise-cracking aside, savvy gear geeks have been wondering about these new uberlight Easton tents, so this is a nice intro).

Alastair Humphreys posts a video of a guy in Scotland who spent two and a half years building a sailboat to ply the lochs and bays around Edinburgh. Humphreys’ motto is you don’t have to climb mountains to have adventures; building a twin-masted sailboat definitely qualifies.

How fast & light can the Gear Junkie go? OK, so Stephen Regenold, whom we all admire is the undisputed king of gear blogging, has, uh, teamed up with Timberland to produce a series of videos that, well, depict him hiking. This kind of depresses me, because it suggests there are not enough jump cuts and throbbing soundtracks in the galaxy to make hiking look sexy.

Nikki Hodgson at Trails Edge Blog shows how to fit in while hiking in the French Alps. Europeans have these crazy things called huts that negate the necessity of sleeping on the ground. I think it means we’re going socialist if we get more of those in America.