Glen Davis was shot and killed last Friday at a World Wildlife Fund parking garage in Toronto. From the Toronto Star:

The man police are now calling a suspect in the slaying of multi-millionaire philanthropist Glen Davis entered the midtown Toronto underground parking garage after the victim and then “loitered” there for at least half an hour.

Police believe he was waiting for the 66-year-old to return to his car Friday afternoon. They won’t disclose what evidence they’ve found to bump the man from “person of interest” to prime suspect, though a forensic team spent the weekend going over the garage with a “fine-tooth comb,” homicide Det. Wayne Fowler said yesterday.

A profile in the Globe and Mail says Davis was flying in a jet that caught fire in the 1983, an experience that prompted him to give up his business interests and devote himself to higher causes. What happened on the plane:

When the DC-9 began to pitch and yaw, the passengers could overhear the pilot radioing for help.

Stewardesses handed out wet towels so passenger wouldn’t breathe the noxious fumes.

The plane finally landed in Cincinnati, and the crisis seemed over.

But when the cabin door opened, fresh oxygen flooded in and the fire reignited. Mr. Davis and Mr. Wright made for an emergency chute in blinding soot. They slid to the bottom and ran from the flames. Few followed. In all, 23 passengers died behind them.

I could see how that could shift one’s perspective.

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